Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are there Hitler-era Nazis in the Koch Family Closet?

Charles Koch and his younger brother David Koch, and their funding of various political causes over the past thirty-plus years have recently become a matter of public record and concern.

At the moment, the money that the Kochs have contributed to Americans for Prosperity and the money that they have directed toward the election campaign of now Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, have brought the Koch brothers rebuke and in some case street protests (in addition to the huge protests and sit-ins directed at Walker's union-busting drive). The source of both Charles and David Koch’s wealth is Koch Industries, a privately-held business headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. The brothers inherited an enterprise founded on building oil refineries from their father, Fred C. Koch, a MIT-educated engineer who died in 1967. The have turned Koch Industries into a huge conglomerate, making themselves two of the wealthiest men in the world.

The Koch Family History According to Damien Crisp

Describing these business interests is necessary as a correction to a view, promoted in "The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Rights," by Damien Crisp, that Fred C. Koch was both related to and involved with Hitler-era Nazis. This piece has been widely circulated on the internet.
Several points from Mr. Crisp are of particular relevance and bear quoting:
"Koch Industries is the child of the violence of Buchenwald."
"Where is the connection between the German Koch's (sic) and Fred Koch? Besides evidence the American Koch was related to Ilse's family, Erich Koch (a high level Nazi official in charge of Prussia) invites Fred Koch to sell his oil in Nazi Germany when he is banned from doing business in the US. After the fall of Nazi Germany, Erich Koch and Fred expand the oil empire to the Soviet Union. Erich Koch had been in charge of Prussia for Hitler so his ties to the Soviet Union ran deep."

Political activities of the Koch family

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The political activities of the Koch family are the political activities of the family
of the late  
Fred C. Koch, a co-founder of Koch Industries, an oil, gas, and
chemical conglomerate which is the second largest privately held company in the
United States with annual revenues of $110 billion.

Many of the activities are carried out via the 
Koch Family Foundations

the most prominent of which are the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
 and the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation, created by two of Fred C. Koch's sons,
Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch.

 While the majority of the family's charitable donations go toward medical research and
the arts, its notable political activities include Charles Koch's co-founding of the 

Cato Institute in 1977, and David Koch's 1980 candidacy for Vice President of the
United States on the 
Libertarian Party line  as well as his participation in the 1984
founding of 
Citizens for a Sound Economy,  and the 2004 founding of its spin-off
Americans for Prosperity.

In total, the Koch brothers have given more than $196 million to dozens of free-market
and advocacy organizations,
[1] in addition to over $600 million to arts, science, and
educational organizations.
Tax records indicate that in 2008 the three main Koch family
foundations contributed money to 34 political and policy organizations, three of which
they founded, and several of which they direct.